The Primates

Primatial Rock For Festive Occasions!



Welcome to The Primates website! Where All Hominidae are greeted with open arms and an umbrella drink or perhaps an Irish car bomb! We thank ALL our loyal fans for keeping this band Live and Well for sooo long now. As we've stated before, "It's All about You"! 





  The Primates perform dance music through an overture of Golden Rock 70's, Unbelievable 80's, Nirvanish 90's, more Modern Pop staples and even a splash of Country! We come with a full suite of instrumentation and vocals. There are six musicians onstage plus our own sound man. All members started their respective musical careers as teens. The Primates Band has been together since 1993.

  We thank you in advance for considering, "The Primates" as your entertainment and remember, "Like is too short to eat green bananas"!